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Secure Storage Trailers for Commercial Use in the Southeast

Immediate Solutions to Your Urgent Storage Problems

When you run out of space for your additional materials, products and equipment, you need a reliable solution.

You can’t leave your clients’ products unsecured, but you can’t spend money on additional containers or a new warehouse. Along with your other responsibilities, you don’t have the time to coordinate this operation.

AMX Leasing and Logistics offers 53’ and 48’ commercial storage semi-trailers to meet your warehousing needs. From long-term storage to short-term solutions, you can rely on our dedicated semi-trailers to keep your important materials safe, secure, and out of the way.

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Heavy-Duty, Mobile Storage Containers

Your extra materials and equipment need a safe and easily accessible place to stay. Most of us can’t invest in more permanent trailers or buildings. AMX Leasing and Logistics provides secure, mobile storage semi-trailers whenever you need them.

With flexible contracts and inflexible trailers, we guarantee the security and convenience of your storage trailer.

Our storage trailers are:

  • 53’ and 48’ Overall Length
  • Swing and Roll Up Doors available.
  • Clean and presentable

Your mobile storage trailers provide flexible location options. You can either move it to your perfect location, or you can entrust us with your precious cargo.


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Helping You Find Success Through Convenient Service

AMX Leasing and Logistics is committed to your success. From small contractors to national companies, we want to solve your storage problems.

We see you as family, and as such, we’ll treat you like family. We can answer at a moment’s notice, meeting your mobile storage needs as best we can. You’ll be treated with respect and given a fair price with full transparency into our process.

You can continue to run your fleet worry-free knowing our dedicated and experienced team is going above and beyond to meet your needs.

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Secure Your Extra Storage

For all your storage solutions, call on AMX Leasing and Logistics. Our experience in the industry, plus our commitment to customer satisfaction, makes our storage options work for you. Whatever you need, we can make it happen.

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AMX Leasing and Logistics offers many rental services like trailer equipment, mobile storage, and logistics for business owners looking for an extra set of hands. Request a quote to worry less about your everyday operations and see more long-term success.

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Getting a quality semi-truck and trailer shouldn’t be an expensive hassle. That’s why AMX Leasing provides flexible and streamlined credit options for our equipment. Apply below to receive the trucks and trailers you need ASAP.

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