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AMX Leasing Acquisitions American Storage Trailer, Inc.

Abilene is excited to announce its recent acquisition of American Storage Trailer Inc., of Statesville, NC!

American Storage Trailer Inc. was a family-owned company, which had been in operation since 1992. Like AMX Leasing & Logistics, this business specialized in renting storage trailers within the Statesville, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Hickory, and Boone, NC markets. Abilene will be acquiring its current customer base, 1,600 storage trailers, warehouse, office space, and 47-acre property.

This acquisition will provide dynamic growth for Abilene on two fronts. AMX Leasing & Logistics will gain a significant number of new customers, and significantly increase the number of assets within its operation. The Statesville facility will also serve as a terminal for Abilene operations. Plans are being set in motion, as Abilene will look to grow a short-haul/regional fleet at this terminal.

Most importantly, Abilene would like to thank everyone within the organization for their dedication and day-to-day efforts. This acquisition was made possible by the successes of our existing business, and the individuals that drive those businesses forward.

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